Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown

A great and a very addictive game of Kings and Knights
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A great action game, a very addictive story and challenge where you will defend your Castle and your people as a great King. In this game you will choose your hero and build your castle in a territory to defend it and conquer other territories. The main objective of this game is to capture and conquer all the other castles, if you get defeated and your home castle is conquered the game will be over. You must move your army and conquer other territories, you can hire soldiers and buy some army in each turn that you have, that way you will increase your chances to win battles. You can hire and buy infantry, Knights, crossbows, catapult and bowmen. This game has different challenges and battles, you can go to battle and conquer a territory to raid it and get to their treasure. You can challenge another hero in a tournament or compete with other knights in skill contests. You must collect some lit spheres above your hero to get fame, you can increase your fame by conquering other territories, or by wining your challenges and tournaments. This game will trap you with this excellent story and entertainment.

Birgilio Rivera
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